Thursday, 28 August 2014

TGISD (The Great Irish Sewing Disaster Part 1.)

So some of you may have noticed that despite a proud display of a 'sew along with Daisy Jones' button on the blog there has been precious little sewing happening here in Oriel. What with OU study, house renovations, crochet addictions, child rearing, dog walking and the occasional chat with Mr S, I simply ran out of time to complete the project as it unfolded (!) on Daisy's blog.

I did however order the pattern, McCall's 3341, a nice simple A-line skirt. When I arrived my first instinct was to run down to the fabric shop and choose some gorgeous material but I was very good and supressed this urge and set off instead to the charity shop to purchase some cheap and potentially scrap-able fabric. After much bickering and arm twisting, the kids persuaded me to treat them to some of those blooming Rainbow Magic fairy books (E) and a dinky fork-lift (O). I don't know how such a modern mother as myself can end up with two such gender stereo-typical children! Anyhow, I digress- I was finally allowed to purchase for myself a large box-pleated skirt with lots of lovely material to play with.

I spent some of the lovely summer evenings of our holiday, drinking wine, watching the aeronautical display of swallows and un-picking and deconstructing the skirt. Then came the reclamation of our home and after days of cleaning and organising; after the welcome departure of the jolly electricians and the puerile plasterers and the incompetent plumbers, finally out came the sewing machine and my pattern. My first heart-breaking moment was when I realised that at just a smidgen under 30inches my waist was measuring in at a size 16! No, how on earth had that happened!

I composed myself. Off to Daisy's blog for advice, she says that 'the skirt comes up slightly bigger in reality' and 'why not try making it with scrap fabric first', now I am feeling smug. Sure it is only a number! Tentatively, I open the envelope, scissors and freshly brewed cup of coffee at the ready. I study the lines to make sure I am cutting the correct size, 4, 6, 8, 10...Erm where is 16?!
No, how on earth has that happened! I have ordered the wrong size, so instead of the correct 3341 DD  (12-14-16-18) I have the erroneous 3341 AAX (4-6-8-10)

Disappointed, I fold up the pattern. Marvelling as I fold at the teeny tiny waist that is a size 4. Do grown women exist that are actually this size? Briefly consider a starvation diet before good sense prevails. A good part of this learning to sew malarkey was to have nice flattering clothes that fit me .
Closer inspection of the pattern reveals that these sizes are 'Miss' sizes, right so I can keep the pattern for E. Although, how to persuade her that what she needs is a lovely wee A-line skirt and not a pirate princess skirt is another challenge for another day. I pack away the sewing machine and drink my tea.


  1. Job done :) I find these little craft tasks we set ourselves are much easier in the thinking than in the doing, don't you?

    Jean x

  2. Oh lordy, I'm impressed that you even contemplated making it. My sewing is rubbish and it would probably end up only fit for a doll if I tried! xx

    1. I blame all these lovely blogs, they are so good for inspiring crafty plans! I don't know why CT but I have MR S on moth box reconnaissance duty! ;)

  3. Oh Shauna, I know what you mean! The sizing of the patterns bear no relation to today's shop-bought clothes, sadly! I have planned and bought countless things to make over the years...just put it all away for a few months and stick to the crochet...
    It sounds as though life has been really hectic (stressful?!) over the summer so I hope the autumn levels out a little. Have you finished your OU or is there still more to go? Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Hi Louise, hooking up grannie squares is very restful -a good antidote to stress! Thanks, it has been quite a stressful summer but it has had some glorious moments too. Yes, back to the OU in a couple of weeks but I am so excited about my new course! How was your summer? Are you going back to study this autumn?
      All the best,

    2. No, have had enough of studying just at the moment - things are a-changing here with my husband's new job, one son starting uni next week and the other going into sixth form, so I am inclined to leave it this year (although have been planning which I may do next year..!) What is your next course?
      Hope your stress levels are beginning to decrease now x

    3. Oh wow Louise, your family life is changing a lot, all for the good I think? Is your son going to Uni close by or is he off to explore pastures new?
      I'm studying a 20th century history module, I haven't been this excited about starting a course since I was starting brick Uni myself all those years ago. x