Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We interrupt this blogging hiatus

'Woman at her toilet' Jan Havicksz  (www.riksmuseum.nl)
To bring you unprecedented news, this morning my wonderful children got dressed, independently in their own rooms which meant that I was allowed to get dressed, ALONE in my own room. No inquisitive remarks about the state/size/colour of bits of my body, no stealing my bra and putting on the dog, no long stream-of-consciousness discussion of the latest Sponge Bob plot. It was nice, quiet and almost relaxing, five minutes just for me that I had so often craved when they were toddlers and hanging off me like baby gorillas.
(image from igcp.org)
(Baby gorillas! So beautiful.)

 Maybe if I am really honest a teensy bit too quiet. It is every Mothers dilemma isn't it? It is our life's work to prepare our little ones to become able and independent adults but little by little the wee caring tasks that mark babyhood then childhood, like feeding, holding hands when walking, tying shoelaces and the like slowly diminish. The rhythm of family life adjusts and while we are lucky enough to feel that fierce pride as we seen them growing up, it is a somewhat bittersweet journey, deep underneath we experience the acute loss of their early childhood.
In other news I am pleased to report that I went out for a run this morning and did not experience an agonising stitch in my side! I am still running the first week in the couch to 5k plan, as my running has been interrupted regularly, firstly by sore feet, then writing up my last essay for the OU and then a low-level virus that made me feel wiped for a couple of days.  I am feeling more confident though so hopefully, I shall be moving on to the slightly more strenuous Week2 plan next time.
As I jogged up the last hill towards home, myself and Rosie bumped into Mr E whose black Labrador Benjy is very fond of our Rosie so we had to stop for a sniff and a weather update.
Almost but not quite managing to supress his astonishment at the unexpected sight of my breathless, puce-faced lycra-clad self;  Mr E -after cheerfully delivering the doom-laded news that the week-end was going to be a wash out, softened the blow by leaving me with this jaunty riposte, 'Sure we are not doing too badly so far, are we?' Thanks, Mr E, we are doing just fine!
Hope all of you are too.xxx