Wednesday, 20 August 2014

As if.

(Bridget Riley 'Fall')

Thank-you so much for all the kind messages, they mean so much. I thought I would give you an update of the story so far.

A twenty-six year old woman has been charged with the arson attack on my neighbours home.
Three men who were with her at the time have been released without charge.
Anecdotal reports on social media suggest that this woman has a young child.
Some newspapers have reported that the GardaĆ­ believe that this was a random act of violence.
Many cars have been driving down our street very slowly to have a good look at the damaged house.

My neighbour remains in a serious condition in hospital. The man who rescued her sustained serious burns that may require skin grafts.


  1. Such an act of hatred is hard indeed to comprehend. What state must that young woman be in to do such a thing? Last week, not far from here, a mother was in her car with her three children when it was set alight. The mother and daughter suffered burns but the little boy is seriously ill in hospital. Reading between the police lines it seems clear they believe the father to be involved. As with your neighbour, the family were rescued by a man who happened to be passing and who dragged the little boy from the car (sustaining burns himself in the process) then stayed with him holding his hand until the ambulance arrived. For every troubled soul there are a thousand angels, and that is something to hold on to. Please let us know how your neighbour gets on.

    1. Such comforting words, CT. I will let you know if there is any news. Take care.