Monday, 1 September 2014

TGISD (Part 2)

As I sat drinking my tea, I had a light blub moment. Oh fantastic, maybe I will get to rev the Red Devil up for an afternoon of happy crafting! I have another pattern, a skirt pattern, this pattern:

I am liking 'Love Sewing', it seems to have replaced 'Mollie Makes' in my magazine heart. I'm not totally sure why, it seems more inspirational somehow instead of aspirational. Look at that lovely dress in issue 4, and aimed at the adventurous beginner. Why, I am sure that is me.

Out comes the sewing machine again, this time I brew up an espresso to assist concentration.
I read over the instructions - thankfully this pattern is in my size and this time a gratifying size 12 - and carefully cut around the correct lines. I repair to the living room and begin to experiment with the lay-out of the fabric. Hmmm, what does this mean?

What width is my fabric? 21 inches. Fold, what fold? Ok, now I see that the pattern pieces are designed to be placed on the folded material and when the section is cut out, a piece that is doubled in size is produced. Oh-Oh, I don't think I have enough material for this skirt. How on earth did that happen!

Not too worry, I spotted a retro duvet cover also in the charity shop, that will have enough material for the pencil skirt.

Annoying though, I really want to make the A-line which presents a dilemma. You know when you get something so entrenched in your mind that it stews away until it must be completed. However, I have resolved to boycott Amazon after reading of the bitter dispute waging between this mammoth organisation and Hachette the large French publishing house. You can read more about this here, if you like. Also we are lucky enough to have a Waterstones in our town and I really want to support our local bookseller much more actively this year. So, if I order the McCall's pattern, it makes the postage costs so much more reasonable if I include my set history book for this years OU course...and I really need that spare part for my Bialetti...

I buy the duvet cover because it has trees on it. Unfortunately, it has taken three washes to remove the fusty musty smell. Groan. Also, in the cold light of my garden I'm not sure about that greeny pattern. Would I really wear that? Oops, don't they always say on the Sewing Bee that pattern is very hard to sew with, to match for beginners?  Once again, the poor wee sewing machine is back in the box. Am I totally over-thinking this task? Is it time for a glass of wine?


  1. It's always time for a glass of wine here :-)

    I like the description 'adventurous beginner'. I can see I shall have to engineer a conversation with someone where I can casually drop that in, like 'ooh, I'm not great at surfing, but I am an adventurous beginner.'

    Can you use your tree duvet cover for something crafty but non-weary like a cushion cover or a liner for something? I remain very impressed that you even attempt these things. I am about to start knitting again for the winter and when I do you will understand why I say these things!! xx

    1. Oh yes, I also love that phrase, heehee, it makes me think of extreme sewing. Applique while climbing the Matterhorn?

      I think my duvet cover may have to be chopped up, perhaps for patchwork? Another noble art, which I want to tackle this winter.
      Thanks for your comments, Countryside tales, lovely to see you popping in.

  2. Bless you. Your planning is going well, all corners covered. I'm sure once you make something it will be fantastic.


    1. Ahh, thanks for your sweet words Jean. It is a wonderful journey! (Sometimes! ;)

  3. I'd step aside from these frustrations for a little while and head down the patchwork route! And add a bar of chocolate to that glass of wine!

    1. Sound advice Louise, patchwork and chocolate it is!