Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hand-made Friday.

Yesterday, was a lovely day. One full of holiday spirit, sunshine and Very Excited Children. It was the annual Easter Hat Parade at school so all our children had to make their own creations out of re-cycled materials. I really enjoyed seeing all the creative ways that the kids (and parents!)had managed to put together such brilliant hats and had a lovely lift home on the school bus with all the kids. They were so delighted to be breaking up for the Easter hols, modelling their hats and showing me all the wee things that they had made. The excitement was infectious, it brought me right back to being a kid myself.

So myself and E & O had to walk to the shops and buy some holiday sweeties and I spotted these little chicks. They are so sweet and being sold for a local charity so they were immediately popped into my bag. The kids momentarily lost their already sticky grins as I sadly explained that the eggs hidden inside were for Dad and Me...

I stared to piece together some patchwork at last.

I really love that Tilda fabric and have a few more crafty ideas bubbling away, perhaps some pillowcases to contrast with my existing white bed-linen?

Later, I spotted this wee carving when out walking the dog. It is always a terrible shame when a tree has to be cut but what a nice way of re-using the stump.

Finally just a quick update on the Couch to 5k. So I completed the first three runs and felt completely exhausted yesterday. I think I will have to repeat week 1 as I couldn't possibly increase my running time to 90sec - writing that down is quite a sobering thought!

Have a lovely weekend!

Here are a few links that I happened across this week:
Now, that it is spring I want to get my toes out!
This has happened to me twice and I still smart about it. Grrr.
Despite Mr S proclaiming this programme as dull as dishwater, I love it! The 1960's episode in particular was so interesting for me because while the rest of the family were energised by the exciting social changes occurring all around, poor Mammy was feeling disorientated and uneasy by the twin pulls of freedom and gender restrictions.



  1. Love all the hats, seems an age since mine were that age and making those sorts of things. We don't break up for Easter till this Thurs here.
    Keep going with your running challenge- you'll get there, I know you will. It is do-able, I promise! xx

    1. Thanks CT, we have very long school holidays here in Southern Ireland -it seems like they are off every few weeks! Have a great Easter. x

  2. I remember the Easter parade of hats - always exciting to do something a bit different at school.
    Well done on the running! I tried it a few times but decided I really am more of a swimming person, so never tried again! You seem quite focused and I hope the next week fares well for you - you're a better woman than me!
    Hope you're all having a great Easter and enjoying those eggs x