Friday, 12 February 2016

Mad Dog Lady.

So despite firmly insisting to my family, that we were NOT, under any circumstances fostering/adopting or buying another dog until the summer or a fairly large lottery win, when DAR (Drogheda Animal Rescue) called me up and asked if I could be a short-term fosterer to this wee guy...well how could I resist? His name is Bosco and he was found as a stray but also he was terribly bitten by what we assume was a very big dog. Look at his poor poor neck -now this is well on the way to be properly healed so I don't want to imagine what he looked like when he was first found. Now he is with a lovely foster family and is holding his own with four other dogs but his current foster family are going away for a little break so we have him for B&B.

You know, he is a delight to look after, placid and playful, much less demanding than our previous guest. He loves to trot around the house with me as I go about my chores and is pathetically pleased when somebody tells him what a good dog he is. He was overcome with ecstasy when Mr S let him sit on his knee for a minute. Mr S loves our dog - to the extent that Rosie gets more attention when he gets in from work that I do but he is not really a small dog person and is slow to see the lovely characteristics of Bosco, despite this of-course Bosco loves him the best! We had our first long walk over the fields today and we noticed that B is terribly frightened of high sided vehicles and he deliberately puts our big Rosie in-between himself and the scary traffic. What is his story? In one way, I am glad that I don't know.
Shamefully, Ireland is the worst country in Europe for the sheer number of unwanted and stay dogs every year. We destroy over 84% of our strays and last year 38 000 animals were needlessly destroyed. We have numerous animal welfare charities all courageously doing their bit but mostly these are operating with extremely tight budgets and are at full capacity. Dublin Husky Rescue is just one organisation concentrating on one breed and they are dealing with a surrender rate of 2/3 huskies per day.  Many of our unwanted and discarded pets end up being rehomed in England, Germany or Sweden because in a county of only 3 million there are simply not enough prospective responsible dog owners to adopt. Some of our unwanted greyhounds are re-homed in Italy. Strong and enforced legislation is needed but tragically given Ireland's economic woes over the past few years and our continuing housing, heath and pensions crises, I am sure the plight of these animals will continue. 
Happily, little Bosco's troubles have come to an end, it is very cold and damp here today so we are all curled up on the sofa, dogs snoring, coffee brewing and candles lighted.
Guys, is there any chance of some room for the crochet please? No?
After an enjoyable but very busy week we are taking it very easy. I am day dreaming of a future with some more dogged company, an excentric country house perhaps with a few fields and a few rescue critters romping around. A Life in Wellies? The only downside to dog fostering is that one day, some day they will leave. When Rolo went off to his forever home, E was quite upset, she started compiling a list of parental crimes against children as perpetrated by her parents! Thankfully she has been reconciled to the idea of helping out a little dog on part of his journey. Both kids are looking forward to being outside, playing and walking with both dogs over half-term, which to my mind can only be a good thing! Thanks so much for reading Have a wonderful weekend. xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh, he's lovely Shauna. Jack Russell in there somewhere? He has sad eyes though, poor little mite but at least all is well now and time is a great healer. You are a Good Person for helping these poor souls, thank goodness for people like you. I did giggle at E's list! What a sweetheart she is :o) xx

    1. Yes CT, there is a lot of JR in him, I think he is going to be very handsome when all his fur grows back. Thanks for your kind words but it is a real pleasure looking after these dogs. E is already asking if we can keep him, I think she is going to grow up to have a house full of animals. :) xx

  2. What a sweetheart he is. Please send him over to me he looks like a great, happy little gud dug is in there.
    Little Gud Dugs have a way to steal your heart.
    I lost my 17 year old Watson (Scotty) a few months back. His companion thehamish misses him terribly.
    Now I am not sure about getting a friend for thehamish who is 12.
    So many abused and unloved gud dugs to love.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Parsnip, thanks for dropping by! I had a read of your blog and I do wish I could send him to you. Your own dog is beautiful. I know of a couple of dogs who recently lost their companion and their sense of loss is clearly apparent. I'm sure you must miss your Watson very much too, they are such a strong link in our families. Take care, I shall be following your blog now to see how thehamish is getting on! x