Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mellow Yellow.

Today, I am having a Spring break, a rest, an interlude.
No study today as my head hurts trying to grapple with the economic history of Europe post-1945.

So I am going to walk and then clean. Bake and wash. Paint some skirting boards. Then sit on the step to admire the blue sky, the scuttling white clouds and my satisfactory line of washing. I am going to plant some little seeds and see if any daffodils have unfurled.

The light has changed, there is now a yellow warmth that has been absent for a winter's while.
Today my house smells of furniture polish, warm towels, incense, linseed oil, baking and coffee. With some low notes of damp Labrador.

I am going to eat scones, drink coffee and read The Girl on the Train. (And wonder why macro will not work on the 'good' camera...)
This weekend I am going to do some long overdue visiting to family and friends.
Then the real hard study-time begins and lasts all the way to June but for today I am just content to take some little moments to be still and soak up some sunlight.

I hope you are having a nice day


  1. Sounds good: we all need the odd day like that, before life kicks in again. Hope the studying continues to go well and that there's light at the end of the tunnel. How are you finding 'The Girl on the Train'? I have seen it a few times in the shops and am building up to buying it but I already have so many books lined up to be read...!

  2. Hi Louise! I'm loving The Girl on the Train, so far-I hope the rest of the book lives up to the intriguing beginning.

  3. I shouldn't have read this post. I need a 'get on with it' and finish your studies post. But days like these keep you going. I need to get a bit balance and not drift along and do it all last minute. I think I need days like this planned in advance to motivate me. Good luck with your studies. x

    1. Hi Katherine, what are you studying? I think sometimes we all need just a little rest, time out from trying to keep all those juggling balls in the air! I know what you mean though about all that 'last minute' work most of the time I can only get things done at the very last moment. Thanks so much for dropping by, good luck with all of your own work. x