Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Normality is overrated.

We were very lucky this Christmas, as well as a lovely trip to London where we were very spoilt by our friends and relations, we four also had a luxurious whole two weeks together. This was thanks to the way Christmas fell in the week this year and some astute saving of annual leave by Mr S. However, it was at breakfast on Saturday 3rd January, that I began to think longingly of a return to our normal routine. Breakfast was being served at 11.00 am in the shape of a Star Wars space ship thingy.

The reason why breakfast was so late was that the kids had stayed up late putting stickers into the new Star Wars sticker book, myself and Mr S had overdosed on wine, chocolate, cheese and The Killing. The kids were already bickering over whose turn it was to have a go on the iPad to play their new Star Wars game and Mr S was talking about buying some actual Star Wars Lego for himself. Can we detect a theme here? I had with monotonous regularity lifted acres of Lego from the living room floor - daily. The dog had developed separation anxiety thanks to the need for a buster collar and a short holiday in the kennels, this had manifested itself in unprecedented 2.00 am crying and wailing sessions to be allowed upstairs.

(image from bridgeandtunnelclub.com)

So, it was with a strange mixture of regret and delight that I faced our first Monday back -to-school/work day...but be careful what you wish for because Oh how quiet the house was and how austere it looked without all our decorations. How large my pile of neglected OU reading loomed! If I put something away, it stayed there, I could hear myself think! They had left me all alone with the substantial remains of the Christmas selection box mountain...

One of my Facebook friends J was musing about how many of the mums in the school playground were celebrating getting some January peace and quiet without their children while instead she was really missing her daughter. I would be a little in both camps, I'm afraid. I really miss having the kids off all day and having all that time to spend with them and play with them. These days of beautiful excited innocence at Christmas will not last for long so I must remind myself to be mindful of them. We had some lovely long walks and on the rainy mornings had breakfast in bed and all piled in under the duvet to watch Christmas films. Bliss.

I do have however many Very Important Jobs to be getting along with now, so the wee ones need to be packed off to be educated. Mr S needs to adorn his bowler hat  and return to The Office to replenish the decimated bank account. I need to catch up on two weeks of degree reading and plan my next essay. I need to browse some seed catalogs and organize the planting for the allotment this year because this year will be the one when we actually produce a reasonable quantity of fruit and veg. (I say this every year. Normally we yield a couple of baskets of produce and that is it. Embarrassing) And, I need to play with my Christmas presents: Ta Dah! I cannot wait to get chopping and sewing.

So goodbye Christmas, you have been a blast,

Santa Motorcycle Club? Greenwich, London.

But the year is turning and already I can see the first tentative signs of spring.

Happy New Year from all of us to all of You! xxxxx


  1. Ooh, I do like your Crimble prezzies (have just got same myself) and I share your sentiments about the holidays exactly. Love having all mine home, then love life getting back to normal when routine starts up again. What are you going to make? x

    1. Hi CT-I seen your prezzies-I was completely impressed by the fact that you nearly have a finished quilt! I'm planning on making a quilt too -I need to go fabric shopping/thrifting first. What fun. x

    2. Excellent! I shall look forward to seeing what you get fabric-wise and what you make quilt-wise :o) x

  2. Happy new year, Shauna. I have the same mix of yipee-and-aw feelings. Glad and sad. Lovely post.

    1. Happy New Year Nuala! January is just that month isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by. x