Tuesday, 1 April 2014

All sew together.

I am very excited and a tad tingly. Finally after all the procrastination, at the weekend I made something with my sewing machine. I actually made two pillowcases, they are a little bit crooked, a little bit wonky and needless to say that if Patrick from the Great British Sewing Bee looked inside he would not be impressed by my seams. I had a few anxious moments along the way, I can tell you. First I got a great wedge of fabric stuck in the thingy-ma-jig ( I mean the feed dogs) I thought I was going to have to tearfully phone John Lewis and explain that I had broken my wee sewing machine on its first proper outing!

After managing to remove the trapped fabric with much pulling, poking, cursing and praying to St Anthony,  I then had the shocking realisation that I had not sewn a completely straight seam so there was some gapage in the seams and then I sewed one bit on back to front, it was completely exhausting but sooo much fun. E had a little turn pressing down the pedal to make the machine go while I held the fabric but she kept ignoring me when I yelled STOP so she flounced off and played with her dads iPad. Mr S and O were out for a walk with the dog so I was delighted to show them all my afternoons work when they all came back from the muddy fields and the virtual woods.

Mr S attempted to settle down and watch the football but did look at little alarmed when I burst in to show him yet another mistake. I made the covers from some spare pieces of curtain material that we had left over from trimming our Ikea curtains. Mr S claims that he 'hates' these curtains but so far he has been a complete sport and not complained about the matching cushions now cluttering adorning the bed!

Thank the Goddess of common sense that I did not blithely start learning to sew with my gorgeous collection of vintage scarves. The pattern for the simple covers is available from this cute blog here. I must say while I was sewing I was transported back to first year in secondary school to domestic science, Mrs W and those loathed Bernina machines that I found nigh on impossible to thread. Why, oh why did I not listen to Mrs W at the time? Is it interesting that the two skills that I had the opportunity to learn at school-sewing and violin-the two lessons that I couldn't stand are now the very skills I really really want to be proficient at. Anyway, that is enough navel gazing for now.

So I pondering what to attempt as my next project when I happened to drop into the lovely Lazy Daisy Jones only to find that this lady who is a very talented and witty crafter is hosting a sew along. She is going to hold our hands while we attempt this easy (?) A-line skirt. Fantastic. Now I have to chose some fabric and try and source the pattern here in Ireland. I think I might try and look for a pattern for a similar skirt for a certain seven year old girly, she would love that. So that is why I have a new side button on the blog. Please share your thoughts on the project as it progresses and why not join in. The link should take you there. Lovely. Talk soon.xx
Oh, ps Sewing Bee is back tonight, I have been having severe withdrawals. I do so want Lynda to win and then adopt me and teach me all she knows...


  1. Congrats! I am also a novice sewer after hating it in home ec lessons years ago...and I love Lynda, and not just for her sewing skills, what a fabulous woman!

    1. Hello to The Morleys! Welcome. Hmm, maybe sewing is not meant to be a subject one is compelled to learn. Lynda is fab isn't she. I'm so glad you are watching TGBSB all the way out there in Borneo. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

  2. Shauna...hello what a lovely description you have given me.
    I love your red machine...adorable and the cushions look fab.
    In answer to your cutting question the answer is....
    Large v sharp dressmaking scissors, simple as that and they must never be used to cut anything other than fabric...!
    yipee Sewing Bee tonight and the start of our sew-along tomorrow tra la la happy sewing...Lynda to win!!
    D x

    1. Yes Daisy, thank-you simple advice but necessary advice. My scissors were last used to cut some unruly elder shoots so I think a spanking new pair are needed. Great first post on the sew along-gosh it must have taken ages-lovely detail for us novices.

  3. We weren't happy that Lynda didn't make it, strange as she'd won the best outfit first and the blonde woman (can't remember her name as I can't get too excited about her) made a dreadful white dress that didn't fit. Pah. I'll miss the final as being a hair model tomorrow so I'll have to close my eyes and ears until Wednesday night won't I. Good luck with your sewing adventures, I think that Miss Daisy really knows her stuff so you're in good hands there.
    Thanks for your support, it meant a lot. Ironically despite governement and local council not fully appreciating what we really need in society I am also hampered by a ridiculous woman in her 60's as my boos who cares for paperwork not people. At present we are watching her go through the early stages of a breakdown (had one before) and she clutches at blaming us for all her mistakes. Hideous to watch as nothing we can do.


  4. HI Lisa, glad to be of some small help-I do hope things will eventually sort themselves out at work but that sounds like a nightmare. x
    What a shock ending to the sewing Bee?!
    All the very best.