Sunday, 6 October 2013

I can stop any time I want.

I blame Downton.

Ebay is only a facilitator of my addiction.

I was walking The Madra in the pouring rain this evening when I was disappointed to discover that my waterproofs were not in fact waterproof. That's when I felt the familiar thrill of the chase, the quickening of the heartbeat, a rush of endorphins, Goosebumps. Yes, today is the day when I will find the perfect rain coat for practically no money!. Something with a hood, long, maybe waxed or coated in that lovely rubbery stuff; preferably with Barbour or Ilse Jacobson on the label. A coat that will take me from dog walking to school runs to interactions with adults without pause for thought. A coat to take on the Irish winter in style for a change.

So, why after an hours happy browsing am I bidding on a parchment lace dress suitable only for lounging on a chaise longue drinking absinthe?

The Sleeping Beauty by Edward Burne-Jones.


  1. Because you were obviously meant for a life of lounging sipping exotic drinks!